Salted Caramel Sauce

Salted caramel sauce is one of those delicious treats that uses fairly simple ingredients, but takes a few special techniques to get just right. Cooking caramel is tricky because if you stir the water and sugar mixture too much you’ll splash the mixture onto the sides of the pan. If the mixture is on the […]

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Brownies at their core are a pretty basic, comforting treat. There are a few tips to making them come out exactly how you’d like them to, but for the most part all you really need are a bowl, something to stir with and a pan to bake them in. When I decided to make brownies […]

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Banana Bread

It seems like everyone has a favorite banana bread recipe. Years ago I went on a quest to find “my banana bread recipe”. I found one I liked and stuck with it. Until I came across this version. I originally read this recipe in an edition of Bread Lines by the folks over at Scratch […]

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Easy Chocolate Fudge

Every year at the bakery I work a catered event in Maine at a girl’s summer camp where I make a whole lot of fudge. The girls love it and I do too. I love making different flavors and seeing what will be their favorite flavor that year. Last year it was S’mores flavor where […]

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Chocolate Ice Cream!

Ice cream is so amazing to make. You can use SO many different flavor combinations that once you have a grasp on the basics and a good feel for your machine the sky is the limit. I made a video recently on how to make chocolate ice cream at home. I have a Kitchen Aid […]

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I love cheesecake. I know I say this about a lot of things I bake, but cheesecake was the first thing I made that other people told me I was good at baking. I first started making this cheesecake recipe when it was shared with me by my co-worker Lauren when I was on the […]

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Almond Poppy Cake

Almond Poppy Cake Makes 1 Loaf This is one of my favorite quick loaves to whip up for use either for breakfast or a snack.  We have even had customers that claim to use slices of this cake for their favorite base from shortcake during strawberry season.  It smells heavenly when baking because of all […]

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Creme Brûlée

Everyone seems to think that creme brûlée is something you buy in a fancy restaurant, not make at home. BUT IT’S SO EASY!! No really, it is.  As long as you have the best ingredients available, you are good to go!  Heavy cream, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla.  That’s it.  All available at the grocery store. […]

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Sour Cream Panna Cotta

This is a panna cotta that has a lovely silky texture and fresh taste, but really, it’s a other panna cotta formula that I use all the time. You may substitute the sour cream with any dairy you’d like. Some of my favorites are buttermilk and yogurt because I love the acidic tang it adds […]

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Developing a Plated Dessert

I spend a lot of time both in coaching sessions and in class yammering on about what makes a good plated dessert in a restaurant. There are lots of opinions on this in the Pastry Industry I’m sure, but this is the guideline I like to use. I’ve included my “dessert mother sauce” list because […]

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