About Me

When I started baking professionally 15 years ago, things were SO different!

Over time I have developed my own style of baking and creating pastries and plated desserts.  I love to learn more about new desserts and techniques all the time.

When I started baking many party chefs refused to share recipes.  I’m not sure why, I believe if we can all eat better food then why not?  I also believe that you can have all the best recipes but if you don’t know how to cook them you’re going to be SOL anyway.

About my recipes:

I am still learning about rescaling my recipes down from large format ones we use in the bakery.  I am trying to add detail about methods that I think would be helpful.  If I can be better please let me know!  For the professional recipes – most of them are written in weight.  Weight is way more efficient when trying to scale large quantities.  No one can concentrate through a recipe to measure 20 or 30 cups of flour.  I don’t include much for method in the pro formulas, as it should be pretty straightforward.  If you need more direction just ask.