Chocolate Ice Cream!

Ice cream is so amazing to make. You can use SO many different flavor combinations that once you have a grasp on the basics and a good feel for your machine the sky is the limit.

I made a video recently on how to make chocolate ice cream at home. I have a Kitchen Aid attachment, but any home machine will do. The key is to be sure you put all parts and tools you plan to use for the finished ice cream get frozen at least a day ahead of time. If you have space in your freezer just go ahead and store your freezer base and dasher right in there so they are ready to go when you are.

Also, I’ve listed this recipe in metric weights instead of imperial measurements or the standard Cups of American baking because it helps to be precise when measuring ingredients like salt where not enough makes for a flat flavor and too much ruins the batch. My favorite scale is available from Amazon and it’s pretty inexpensive, but you can find decent models at big box stores for under $20.

Chocolate Ice Cream

35g egg yolks

82g sugar

2g salt

450g milk

290g heavy cream

128g chocolate (I prefer to use bittersweet or a mixture of bittersweet and milk chocolate)

85g Cocoa

3g ice cream stabilizer

How to video

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