Hi there! Thanks for joining me! I’ve been thinking about putting this blog together for a long time. When I first started baking professionally, I had lots of professional cookbooks, but not all the recipes had the production sizes or ingredient quality I wanted. Over 15 years I have accumulated or created lots of great […]

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Raspberry Muffins

We make these muffins every day at the bakery.  I use a little different method at home as we do in the bakery since we make a huge batch of muffin mix at the bakery and just scoop out what we need each day.  You can do either at home – if you live in […]

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Granola Cookies

These granola cookies began as an Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookie. You can certainly still make them as that, but I really like the addition of whole wheat flour and lots of extra flavors from the dried fruit. I also add chocolate chips because I also like to feel like I get to eat a treat! […]

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