Creme Brûlée

Everyone seems to think that creme brûlée is something you buy in a fancy restaurant, not make at home. BUT IT’S SO EASY!! No really, it is.  As long as you have the best ingredients available, you are good to go!  Heavy cream, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla.  That’s it.  All available at the grocery store. […]

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Sour Cream Panna Cotta

This is a panna cotta that has a lovely silky texture and fresh taste, but really, it’s a other panna cotta formula that I use all the time. You may substitute the sour cream with any dairy you’d like. Some of my favorites are buttermilk and yogurt because I love the acidic tang it adds […]

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Developing a Plated Dessert

I spend a lot of time both in coaching sessions and in class yammering on about what makes a good plated dessert in a restaurant. There are lots of opinions on this in the Pastry Industry I’m sure, but this is the guideline I like to use. I’ve included my “dessert mother sauce” list because […]

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Sugar Cookies

Is there anything more iconic to the holidays than cookies? I love making cookies.  It’s so humbling, yet the creativity options are endless.  Don’t have much time? Make some quick chocolate chip.  Feeling like chocolate? Sables are the way to go.  Feeling nostalgic? Time for my Nana’s Italian White Cookies, flavored with anise and decorated […]

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New England Gingerbread

New England Gingerbread is one of my most favorite perennial recipes.  It was a recipe originally thrust upon me by a chef at a hotel I was baking at.  We baked it in pullman loaf pans (large square shaped pans usually about 12″ long) and sold it as slices with ice cream and butterscotch sauce. […]

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  I can’t really say enough about granola. I really love making it. In the world of baking and pastry granola is a pretty boring process. You measure a bunch of stuff, mix it with your hands (or in large batches with a mixer or inside a new trash bag), toss it onto a sheet […]

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Raspberry Muffins

We make these muffins every day at the bakery.  I use a little different method at home as we do in the bakery since we make a huge batch of muffin mix at the bakery and just scoop out what we need each day.  You can do either at home – if you live in […]

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Granola Cookies

These granola cookies began as an Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookie. You can certainly still make them as that, but I really like the addition of whole wheat flour and lots of extra flavors from the dried fruit. I also add chocolate chips because I also like to feel like I get to eat a treat! […]

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